Trans: The Movie

While no two stories are exactly alike, Trans: The Movie gives us a glimpse into the lives and experiences of a variety of different transgender people.

The sad truth is that our society is not a safe place for transgender individuals. Many lose their families, their jobs, and their homes, simply by being true to who they are. With an attempted suicide rate of over 40%, even lives are lost.

As parents, family, partners and friends, we strive to understand that while the exterior of the person may change, their heart and soul often remain the same. We discover that transgender people are no different than their "cisgendered" counterparts (those whose gender identify is in alignment with the sex they were assigned at birth).

Often the lack of understanding breeds fear and contempt for transgender people. It is our hope that as we come to understand and support transgender individuals, we can demonstrate to others that change is possible, and even desirable. Together, we can open others' eyes and hearts, with the goal of ultimately making the world a safer place for our transgender loved ones.

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