Orange County's LGBT Center

Orange County Acceptance through Compassionate Care, Empowerment, and Positive Transformation (OC ACCEPT). OC ACCEPT provides community-based mental health and supportive services to individuals who are struggling with and/or identify as Lesbian, Gay Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex, or Questioning (LGBTIQ) and the people important in their lives. OC ACCEPT seeks to provide a safe environment with acceptance and compassion for individuals to express their feelings, build resilience, be empowered, and connect with others for support.

Provides various groups, community and support for persons who are MTF, FTM, gender-variant or intersex, as well as families, allies, spouses and friends.

TG Rainbow

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An all-inclusive support group which provides support to anyone who is trangender or questioning, as well as to friends or family members and allies.

A peer support and discussion group that helps participants to learn about and understand themselves, while dealing with issues important to MTFs, as well as others who may be exploring their gender identity.

Laura's Playground
A support site for transgender and gender variant with links to intersex community support

Gender Fork

Intersex Society of North America

TransParent Families

The Center Long Beach
Monthly meetings for parents/caregivers, transgender teens, and transgender youth/siblings (with adult supervision). Meetings occur simultaneously. Contact youth services manager at 562-434-4455, ext 227, for meeting dates and information.

Trans Youth Family Allies
Understanding through Education

TransKids Purple Rainbow Foundation
A site dedicated to supporting families of transgender children, raising money for research and outreach programs, and educating society so that transgender children will be treated fairly.

This is a monthly support group for LGBTQ+ people, their family, friends, and allies. All welcome!

Planned Parenthood
Free/low-cost hormone therapy (not complete evaluation) available at some sites - please call first to confirm

Transgender Law Center
Transgender legal issues

Lambda Legal

Angels of Change

Judgment Free Health Care Provider Directory
The Judgment Free Health Care Provider Directory is a compiled listing of health care providers willing and able to provide quality, culturally competent care to gender and sexual minorities.
(Please note: This directory is still in its infancy; if you know of any providers who should be included, please suggest they register with JFHCP.